Next generation precision medicine enablement solution for neurodegenerative diseases

We empower biotech, lifesciences and pharmaceutical companies to develop novel and effective diagnostics and therapies for neurodegenerative diseases using robust next generation precision medicine approach.

We offer a comprehensive precision medicine enablement solution. Our capabilities include:

  • Generation of high-resolution data from the leading proteomics and other omics platforms.
  • Extensive reference database on neurodegenerative diseases to transform data into novel insights.
  • Market leading clinical, scientific and analytical expertise to accelerate development timelines.
  • Advanced ML, AI and Systems Biology capabilities to derive actionable insights.

This unique integrated approach can significantly accelerate drug discovery and validation, increase yield and improve efficiency and efficacy of clinical trials.

  • Precision Proteomics

    • Blood, CSF and most other biofluids and tissues
    • Individual risk and response profiles
    • Endophenotypes
    • Companion diagnostics and tailored therapy
    • Robust analytics—AI, ML, Systems Biology

  • Drug Discovery

    • Disease biology
    • Target identification & validation
    • MoA analysis
    • Pre-clinical optimization

  • Clinical Trials

    • Biomarker identification and validation
    • Participant screening
    • Drug engagement & dosage optimization
    • Prediction and prevention of adverse reaction

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Changing the paradigm

Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and other neurodegenerative diseases are highly complex, multi-factorial and involve dysfunction across multiple brain regions, cell-types and pathways. Primarily caused by protein dysregulation, these diseases often have co-existing pathologies and vary significantly across sex, race, populations and individuals. Genetic variation alone cannot fully resolve disease causes and pathways.

Anchored in proteomics, Emtherapro’s approach offers significantly deeper insights into complex disease biology by resolving the key proteins involved.  It integrates complementary clinical, pathological, genetic, and other omics data to advance discovery and validation of novel biomarkers that can be used for risk profiling, diagnosis, monitoring, prognosis, prediction, pharmacodynamics and safety.

Such a comprehensive approach leads to more accurate and specific diagnosis and, design and delivery of more effective therapies —thereby realizing the full potential of precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases.

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