Precision Proteomics

  • Blood, CSF and most other biofluids and tissues
  • Individual risk and response profiles
  • Endophenotypes
  • Companion diagnostics and tailored therapy
  • Robust analytics—AI, ML, Systems Biology

Drug Discovery

  • Disease biology
  • Target identification & validation
  • MoA analysis
  • Pre-clinical optimization

Clinical Trials

  • Biomarker identification and validation
  • Participant screening
  • Drug engagement & dosage optimization
  • Prediction and prevention of adverse reaction

Our Solutions

Comprehensive solution portfolio configured to your needs:

Our capabilities and services can support all aspects of a proteomic precision medicine program. Our leading clinical, scientific and analytics experts partner with researchers, biotech, lifesciences and pharmaceutical companies to jointly create a solution that meets the needs of each of our customers.

Our capabilities include:


  • Ability to work with most biofluids (blood, CSF, etc.) and tissues
  • Comprehensive proteomics analysis—Market-leading LC-MS/MS capabilities in-house and ability to work with emerging high-resolution proteomics platforms
  • Expertise in data, ML, AI and Systems Biology


  • Extensive database of reference biofluid samples curated from cohort of diseased and control populations.
  • Standards for various neurodegenerative diseases significantly accelerate identification and validation of biomarkers.


  • Access to leading scientific, clinical and analytics experts
  • Insights from our partners and customers

The Emtherapro Difference Precision proteomics + Leading expertise = Unparalleled outcomes

Innovations in proteomics platform have increased the amount of available proteome data. However, more data does not always lead to better insights or outcomes.

At Emtherapro, we focus on delivering outcomes for our partners.  Based on our experience and expertise, we help choose the right proteomics platform to generate the data and use proprietary reference standards and advanced analytics to quickly decipher and validate novel insights. As a result, our partners and customers gain better insights faster and accelerate their time to market confidently.

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